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Novatel MiFi 2200MV440 RouterNovatel MC760


Internet services are now available via the cellular networks in the Schefferville and Whapmagoostui areas.  Please visit the local offices of Naskapi Imuun (+1 418 585 2686) and Whapmagoostui Aemuun (+1 819 929 3235) to inquire about obtaining broadband internet services for you to use anywhere!

Broadband connectivity can be possible via the use of any of these devices,

  • Novatel MC760 USB modem:  Will give internet access to any one device, be it laptop or desktop!
  • Novatel Mifi 2200: This WIFI capable hotspot will provide wireless connectivity to 5 WIFI-capable devices.  This will allow you to share the connection with other laptops, PDAs, or smartphones!
  • Axesstel MV440 Router: This router will provide 4 ethernet ports for connecting your desktops or network-capable devices, as well as provide WIFI connectivity to your wireless devices.  It has a built-in DHCP server, and is ready to create a local area network at your home or small-office!





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Lynx Mobility is Canada's first nationwide cellular service provider co-owned by an Aboriginal partner and dedicated to serving remote communities across Canada.

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